News Detail

On 22 Dec.2013, China Wide Band-gap Power Semiconductor Industry Alliance was established in Jinan city, Shandong province. Director Mr. Wenwu Ding of Industry and Information Technology Ministry attended the unveiling ceremony. The Alliance Council and Steering Committee were formed through public election. It is a great honor for EpiWorld International to be elected to be one of the vice directors and Dr.Feng, our vice president for R&D to be vice secretary-general of the Alliance. Representatives from organizations like China Semiconductor Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Electronic Material Association and over 20 semiconductor leading companies joined the ceremony. 


As the 3rd generation of semiconductors, wide band-gap semiconductors including Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride and diamond is the latest semiconductor material of revolutionary significance. Nowadays it is well acknowledged as strategic emerging industry in China. Directed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Wide Band-gap Power Semiconductor Industry Alliance was set up under the great promotion of over 14 wide band-gap related companies including SICC Science&Technology Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co.,Ltd., State Grid Research Institute, EpiWorld International Co.,Ltd., etc.. The main purpose of the Alliance is to promote the sharing and exchange of resources, and complementary talents, as well as collaboration of seeking funding and technology developments, so as to achieve the final goal: construct a complete wide band-gap semiconductor industry chain in China, realize a great-leap forward development in semiconductor industry; promote industrial transformation and upgrade; realize energy-saving and emission-reduction.